Quincy Community United Methodist Church
Sunday, August 30, 2015
Where ever you are on your journey of faith you are welcome here

Prayer List

 Helen Bailey
Wayne McCulley
Natalie Barritt Nesbit McLellan
Naomi Brown & Baby Allan Merren
Gino Buccella Isabel Morrison
Liz Buccella
Henry Nieland
Karen Burns
Paul Nogueira
Tina Cappadona's Family
 James O'Leary, jr                            
Yvonne Chandler  Leah O'Sullivan
Val Chepeleff Margaret Pierce
Patti Collins Pat Potter
Linada Conant Shawn Reddick
Barry Doland Michael Riley
Jim Duncanson Rosebrock Family
 Joseph Fish George Roy
Marjorie Green Melvia Sears
Barbara Griffin Martha Smith
June Holmes Jimmy Szalkucki
Scott Holmes & Lisa David Urquhart
Walter Holmes Verlicco Family     
Keefe Family  Richard Warren
 Ted Kressler  Harriet Weaver
Judy Malloy Mary Weitbrecht
 Family of Kim Rogers (Sault Ste Marie MI)  Edna Wentworth

If there are other people who should be included on this prayer list, please email us at qcumc3@aol.com.