Quincy Community United Methodist Church
Monday, August 31, 2015
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English As A Second Language


What is  the ESL program?

English as a Second Language has been a mission of QCUMC to the growing immigrant community in Quincy.

How long has ESL been in the Quincy Community United Methodist Church?

We started in September, 2000.

From where have our students come?

Well, they have come from Burma, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, Poland, Chile, Peru, Morocco, Korea, and Haiti, to name just a few!  Consider how many lives we have touched!


Did you know that our group of volunteer women have given up all their Monday mornings from September to June, excluding holidays, to do this work?


Did you realize that none of us are teachers by profession?  That all you need is a good knowledge of English and English grammar?  And the will to help others?


Well, now we must ask your help.  Not in money but in time! 


After 5 years Joan Donovan and Ann Giger want to wind down a bit and smell the roses and pursue some other personal goals.  We need 2 Core Teachers who are willing to develop the weekly lessons and grammar plans.  We have kept three ring binders of all our lesson plans over the past 5 years that can be recycled with some variation.  These will be available to anyone who would like to take over the ESL leadership. Many of our present teachers are willing to continue to help teach on Monday mornings.  But the need now is for 2 Coordinators to put together the weekly lesson plans.  To put it bluntly, our ESL program may very well end after 5 years, if we cannot find new leadership.  WHO HEARS GOD'S VOICE CALLING?  Please contact the church office at [617] 773-3319 or email qcumc3@aol.com, if you wish more information. Thank you.